Accelerating the Construction of Green Transportation Development System in China

China News Service, Beijing, November 30 (By Zhou Yin) Liu Pengfei, spokesman of China’s Ministry of Transport, revealed at a news conference on November 30 that transportation was a key area of carbon emission reduction. He said that the 14th Five-Year Comprehensive Transportation Service Development Plan would aim at reducing carbon emission and accelerating the construction of a green transportation development system.

The Ministry of Transport recently formulated and issued the 14th Five-Year Comprehensive Transportation Service Development Plan, comprehensively deploying the objectives, tasks and promotion paths of comprehensive transportation service development in the coming period.

Liu Pengfei said that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, railway, road, water transport, civil aviation and other modes of transportation would change to a new stage of integration, service coordination and in-depth integration.

First, to establish and improve the low-carbon transformation policy system. Under the framework of the overall transportation plan, study the policies and measures of low-carbon transformation in transportation services, and improve the monitoring, reporting and verification system of energy consumption and carbon emissions in transportation services.

Second, to accelerate the optimization and adjustment of transportation structure. Consolidate the achievements of transformation from “road to railway” and “road to water transport”, and continue to promote the transfer of bulk goods and long-distance road freight to railways and water transport. Vigorously develop inland container transportation and river-sea direct transportation, and increase the proportion of “water-water transit” at shipping hubs.

Third, to carry out green travel in depth. Vigorously improve the service quality of public transportation, optimize the slow traffic system and increase the attraction of green travel. Improve the level of green travel equipment and carry out the “battery life project” of green travel. Vigorously cultivate green travel culture and accelerate the formation of green travel lifestyle. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, select about 100 cities to carry out green travel activities, and strive to achieve a green travel rate of 70% in more than 60% of the cities and a green travel service satisfaction rate of not lower than 80%.

Fourth, to accelerate the innovation of freight organization mode. Further promote the establishment of urban green freight distribution demonstration project, and accelerate the formation of “intensive, efficient, green and intelligent” urban freight distribution service system. Actively promote the recycling and sharing of standardized turnover boxes and other logistics units, promote the efficient development of “internet plus freight logistics”, and accelerate the green and intensive transformation of freight organization. Focus on completing about 100 urban green freight distribution demonstration projects by 2025.

Fifth, to vigorously develop clean transportation equipment. Accelerate the adjustment of transportation energy structure, actively promote the application of new energy and clean energy vehicles and ships in transportation services, and accelerate the planning, layout and construction of battery charging and swapping, hydrogen refueling and other infrastructure. By 2025, the proportion of new energy vehicles in urban public transportation, taxis and urban logistics and distribution will reach 72%, 35% and 20% respectively.

Source: China News Network