GCL-ET Winning the 2021 China Carbon Reduction Brand Model Enterprise Award

On January 10, 2022, China Times, in conjunction with China Energy News, Jiran Carbon Technology and other entities, hosted “Double Carbon New Track, New Energy Opportunity ‒ 2021 China Double Carbon Energy Development Summit Forum” in Shanghai. GCL-ET (002015) won the 2021 China Carbon Reduction Brand Model Enterprise Award.

“GCL-ET is a subsidiary of GCL Group, a leading global new energy enterprise. The company practices the GCL mission of “focusing on green development and continuously improving the living environment of mankind”, focuses on green travel ecology, deeply integrates digital technology and energy technology, provides open, convenient and intelligent battery swap services for electric vehicles, and strives to become the world’s leading mobile energy service provider to promote the green and low-carbon transformation and development of energy and transportation and cover more than 500,000 electric vehicles with its mobile energy service by 2025.” At the award ceremony, the sponsor spoke highly of GCL-ET’s practice and contribution in accelerating the integration of automobile and energy industries by firmly grasping the historical opportunity given by carbon emission peaking and carbon neutrality.

In 2021, GCL-ET relies on the advantages accumulated over years in cultivating green energy operation and comprehensive energy service, takes battery-swap business as the breakthrough point, makes quick layout in the new mobile energy track, and joins hands with many industrial chain partners such as leading vehicle enterprises, battery manufacturers, travel platforms, etc. to make every effort to build the brand of GCL Energy Hub and build a convenient, economical and green travel ecosystem ranging from clean energy production, battery swap service to energy storage, and only takes half a year to put the first batch of battery swap stations for passenger cars and commercial vehicles into operation. At the same time, the company focuses on wind power, waste-to-energy generation and other formats, and continuously increases the proportion of installed capacity of clean energy. It seizes the opportunity of the national carbon trading market, actively participates in green electricity trading and carbon asset financing, and has achieved satisfying results.

The Forum brought together a great many well-known economists, executives of energy industry and media opinion leaders at home and abroad to offer suggestions and intellectual support for carbon emission reduction in the energy industry.

Xu Tingyang, Chief Economist of GCL Group, gave a keynote speech titled Empowering Shared Battery Swap, Helping Zero-carbon Transportation at the Summit, comprehensively expounding the innovative sharing mode of “station-pack-hub-cloud-capital” launched by GCL-ET with GCL Energy Hub as the core, intelligent management and control of all-digital cloud platform, integration of transportation capacity channels and empowerment of financial services as the support, to provide an integrated energy solution for travel electrification. Moreover, Mr. Xu introduced the practice and exploration of GCL-ET in the fields of market expansion, technology iteration and platform R&D and the achievements made.