To the year 2021 that we have fought for

In 2021, the repeated COVID-19 outbreaks and other factors brought more uncertainty to the recovering global economy. Furthermore, the crazy rise of fuel prices and the increasingly fierce competition in electricity market brought unprecedented pressure to the sustainable development of energy enterprises.

In the face of challenges, GCL-ET has created the outstanding achievement of high compound growth of net profit attributable to the parent company for four consecutive years with consistent courage and wisdom. It has also grasped the historical opportunity given by the “double carbon” era and started a new era of transition to mobile energy. In 2021, the market value of the company reached RMB28.5 billion, an increase of 2.5 times compared with the beginning of the year!

Looking back on GCL-ET’s struggle course in 2021, there are soul-stirring fights and also exciting races. Breakthrough, ice-breaking, zero carbon, transcending, change and foundation laying, the six powerful notes merge into a passionate melody that runs throughout the year, which is a loud charge horn, an intensive drum beat, and a triumphant song of victory!

Keyword: Breakthrough

Breakthrough is last stand’s determination and perseverance, and also the strategy and wisdom to survive in difficulty. In 2021, domestic fuel prices soared, and coal prices rose from RMB500 to RMB2,800. The spot price of LNG in Northeast Asia rose from USD5.56/million BTu to the highest USD44.28/million Btu. The fuel cost doubled, and the market bidding extended to the field of cogeneration. In the face of severe test, flashback-games.comprehensively benchmarked the industry, promoted the engineering construction with high quality through refined management and diversified development, practiced the concept of integration of “economy, finance and people”, opened up new sources of revenue, reduced costs and increased efficiency, successfully broke out of difficulty, and maintained the rapid growth of profits.

Key word: Breaking ice

Breaking ice is not only an indomitable persistence, but also the transformation from cocoon to butterfly. Entering the field of mobile energy is GCL’s unswerving dream. Unremitting persistence finally ushered in a gorgeous turn. In March, 2021, GCL-ET grandly released the strategic transformation plan of mobile energy in Beijing, and at the same time jointly released the first carbon neutral fund of RMB ten billion with CICC Capital, which opened the curtain of the company’s all-out push into mobile energy with the battery-swap business as the breakthrough point. Since then, the company has focused on the key battery swap scenarios and made great progress in market expansion, product R&D, platform building, team building and brand building. In just half a year, the first batch of battery swap stations for passenger cars and commercial vehicles were put into operation, making a major breakthrough.

Keyword: Zero carbon

Zero carbon is the weathervane of the times and the yearning of the earth; it is the priority of the country and the expectation of the people. In the past 30 years, GCL-ET, adhering to the unchanging original intention of green development, has been striding forward all the way to become a leading domestic clean energy producer. In the grand era of “double-carbon”, GCL-ET closely focuses on the strategic positioning of “becoming the leading mobile energy technology service provider in China”, promotes the link and interaction between traditional business and transformation business, and makes a series of breakthroughs in domestic new energy and clean energy development, comprehensive energy service expansion, overseas development and other fields, fully demonstrating the vigorous pace of “zero-carbon pioneer”.

Keyword: Transcending

Trans-, a spirit of striving for the first place and challenging oneself; ascending, a strutting, forward and upward gesture. In 2021, GCL-ET’s successful transformation aroused great concern and strong response from the capital market. The 2.5-fold increase in market value is not irrational speculation, but confirmation by investors of the company after re-recognition and re-evaluation of the company based on the sustained and high compound growth of performance, high-quality assets, excellent fundamentals and broad development prospects of the company in recent years.

Key word: Change

Change is an important magic weapon for private enterprises to take advantage of “short cycle and quick result” to cope with competition, especially in the aspects of mechanism system innovation and talent system optimization. In 2021, the company adjusted its organizational undertaking strategy, set up a path with defined system, innovated incentives to help business, clarified responsibility to improve efficiency, and continuously injected new impetus and vitality into enterprise development.

Key words: Foundation laying

Laying a solid foundation is a steady step to support enterprises to forge ahead, and to build a strong body for efficient operation and risk resistance. As an excellent company seeking international development and closely watched by the capital market, GCL-ET has made great efforts to build soft power, and strengthened functional construction in various fields such as informationization, supply chain, internal control, legal affairs and party building culture, which has strongly supported the stable development and efficient transformation of the company.

2021 is an extraordinary year for GCL-ET. In the face of difficulties and challenges, we have experienced honing and refining, gained achievements and experience, and created a new era of GCL-ET!

Carbon Neutral Model Enterprise of the Year

New Energy Company of the Most Investment Value of the Year

Industrial Ecological Innovation Digital Enterprise of the Year

“Star” Company of Sustainable Investment Value of the Year

Top 10 Best Battery Charging and Swapping Operators in China

Recommended Brand for Intelligent Battery Charging and Swapping of Green Heavy Truck

Excellent Project of Distributed Comprehensive Energy in China


These awards are the praise of the industry for us, the affirmation from all walks of life, and the well-deserved glory of all GCL-ET employees!

Just overcoming the difficulties, we start our journey again. The bell of 2022 has rung, and a new journey is slowly unfolding under our feet. Since we have a dream, we will be determined; since we choose the distance, we will work day and night; since the peak stands, we should strive to reach the top; since the starry sky is vast, we should soar to the sky!