GCL Energy Hub is a mobile energy brand under GCL-ET. Relying on its green energy operation and comprehensive energy service, as well as the core competitive advantages rapidly established in the development and iteration of battery charging and swapping technologies, and R&D and operation of digital intelligence platforms, GCL Energy Hub adheres to the brand management idea with technology as the core, users as the king and honesty as the foundation, and by taking 'technology driving low-carbon life' as its mission, green power as the source and transportation capacity as the foremost thing, builds a business mode driven by mobile digital energy operation platform and intelligent battery electric vehicles through digital aggregation and financial empowerment.

With vehicle as the energy carrier, battery as the core resource, and energy hub as the infrastructure, GCL-ET builds an ecological closed loop of green power, hub and station, vehicle, battery and energy storage, jointly develop new energy vehicles in customized operation areas, integrate transportation capacity resources, and provide commercial operation of BEV energy supplement service, battery life cycle management, battery charging and swapping station and hub and mobile digital energy platform. GCL-ET strives to provide '5s standard' which is save,safe,speedy,smart, and specialized integrated solutions for electric travel, promote the deep integration of green power and automobile industry, and realize energy provision with one energy hub and interconnection with one network. Wherever there are goods, vehicles will go; wherever the vehicles go, the energy hub will be built. Come to GCL Energy Hub and set off immediately with full power!

Mission & Vision

Science and technology drives low-carbon life

Core Business

Solution for BEV operation scenarios Development of battery swapping products Operation management and financial services

Solution for BEV operation scenarios

Application solutions for electric heavy truck, electric logistics vehicle, electric passenger car
  • Heavy truck – scatter-to-centralization solution

    Focus on the transportation of bulk materials, and make use of the scatter-to-centralization solution to greatly improve the efficiency of green logistics

  • Heavy truck – trunk logistics solution

    Develop long battery life and brand-new electric heavy trucks to create a new ecology of efficient trunk green logistics

  • Heavy truck – freight platform solution

    Link freight platform, deploy battery swapping network, and promote large-scale application of battery-swapped heavy trucks

  • Logistics vehicle solution

    Respond to the call of green urban distribution policy, and take economic development belt as the scenario to realize full electrification

  • Heavy truck – short transportation scenario solution

    Fully excavate short transportation scenarios such as mines, steel mills, ports and muck, and promote the large-scale application of heavy trucks

  • Solution for passenger cars - taxis and online hailed cars

    Focus on cities with resource advantages, Rrely on the platform resources,obtain help from local resources, and make use of “Kaicheng mode” for large-scale development

Development of battery swapping products

Battery-swap station,battery package,customized development of vehicle models,ladder energy storage and super home energy hub
Product design concept
  • S- save

    Energy aggregation, economical

    Over 30 years of experience in the energy industry;
    Possessing scarce upstream and downstream resources;
    20 billion kWh of market traded electricity per year;
    Low-cost green power supply.

  • S- safe

    Digital management, green and safe

    Efficient and economic flow of green power;
    Full life cycle management of battery safety and health;
    Battery equalization for 30% longer life.

  • S- speedy

    One network interconnection, fast energy replenishment

    Six streams in one, interconnected; Intelligent identification, one click to the network;
    No need to get off, automatic energy replenishment.

  • S- smart

    One-click upgrade, intelligent and efficient

    Intelligent operation and maintenance, remote scheduling;
    Hardware pre-built, intelligent iteration;
    Intelligent OTA + remote control, frequently used and always new.

  • S- Specialized

    On-demand design, professional and efficient

    5 research institutes, built 300+ industry standards;
    Full product line, single and double channel design on demand;
    One package for multiple vehicles, compatible with multiple models;
    One package with multiple functions, exchangeable, rechargeable and storable.

Battery-swap station

Battery-swap station

Compatible and sharing,Arrange on demand,Intelligent management,Efficient service

The Three Musketeers of Energy Hub
  • Commercial Vehicle Energy Hub

  • Logistics Vehicle Energy Hub

  • Passenger Vehicle Energy Hub

Battery package

Battery package

Adopt the mode of separation of vehicle from power,to promote the standardization of battery package

  • Mode of separation of vehicle from power

    Realize the standardized customization of battery leasing products through the battery asset management company mode, and realize the liquidity of battery assets

  • Battery standardization

    Interface standardization and power volume serialization
    One battery package for multiple vehicles to empower the sharing attribute of battery-swap station

Customized development of vehicle models

Customized development of vehicle models

All battery electric vehicles flexibly adapt to different operating scenarios, and provide intelligent distribution and energy supply services.

GCL’s customized vehicle models will adopt the mode of platform development, integrating solar energy, automatic driving, intelligent electronic control and other high technologies, and carry out vehicle adaptability development based on the needs of different customers; employ the intelligent cloud platform of mobile energy to ensure the efficient operation of vehicles.

Ladder energy storage

Ladder energy storage

Maximize the value of batteries and promote the comprehensive integration of “green power” and “new energy vehicles”

  • Heterogeneous Compatibility

    Modular battery cluster solution, building block management, compatible with different types of battery package

  • BMS Technology

    Deployment of BMS multi-mode control technology

  • Energy Management

    Standardized and unified energy management control, and in-depth exploration of source network load storage interactive control technology

  • Power generation side energy storage – power plant

  • Power distribution side energy storage – transformer substation

  • User side energy storage – industrial park

Super home energy hub

Super home energy hub

A new generation of energy supply center integrating green power, energy supplement and commercial services.
Focusing on the source of goods or passenger flow and based on big data analysis of transportation capacity, realize the accurate site selection of super home energy hub, and guarantee the efficient operation of home energy hub. Obtain low-cost green power and considerable carbon assets and improve the operating efficiency of the home energy hub through photovoltaic, energy storage, hydrogen refueling and other multi-energy complementary modes.

  • Vehicle energy supplement

  • green power

  • microgrid energy storage

  • vehicle aftermarket service

  • logistics transit

Operation management and financial services

Digital operation cloud platform, vehicle asset management, financial cloud support

Digital operation cloud platform

Integrate six flows into one to build an efficient and intelligent mobile energy ecosystem

GCL Energy Hub digitally integrates vehicle flow, merchandise flow, energy flow, user flow, capital flow and information flow to realize energy provision with one energy hub and interconnection with one network, and construct an efficient and intelligent mobile energy ecosystem

  • vehicle flow

  • merchandise flow

  • energy flow

  • user flow

  • capital flow

  • information flow

Three advantages of cloud platform
  • 01. Simpler intelligent energy supplement

    Drivers can easily access service through the mobile phone terminal of energy hub cloud; background intelligent algorithm matches the optimal battery charging and swapping scheme and driving route.

  • 02. Maximizing battery life

    Based on big data algorithm, realize intelligent management of battery use process to improve the service value and utilization rate of battery.

  • 03. Energy efficiency and efficiency improvement

    energy utilization as the core, establish an integrated energy digital intelligent platform of battery “charging-swapping-storing-selling” to realize efficient utilization of energy.

Vehicle asset management

Vehicle life cycle service system covers the business forms on people, vehicles and goods through vehicle asset management

  • Vehicle leasing

    Vehicle model customization
    Bulk procurement
    Vehicle distribution

  • Vehicle repair and maintenance

    Repair and maintenance
    Road rescue

  • Insurance services

    Insurance brokerage
    Customized auto insurance
    Insurance installment
    Battery insurance

  • Financial services

    Supply chain finance
    Consumer finance
    Personal loans for drivers
    Freight loans
    Corporate financing
    ETC payment period

  • Transportation capacity

    Vehicle dispatching
    Vehicle cargo matching

  • Vehicle management

    Vehicle evaluation
    Battery evaluation
    Driving data

  • Vehicle circulation

    Used vehicle transaction
    Vehicle disposal

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