FAQ: How To Earn Money In Line Play?

Can you trade in line play?

No. The reason why the app is available for free is because they make their money on the sale of extra gems/hearts. It’s good to have a second account anyway, so you can give yourself any gift items that you might want.

How do you smile in line play?

Smiles are free points that are used in a variety of ways, including to purchase Blueprints, to purchase items at the Atelier Shop, and to expand your Bag. You can get them from quests and events.

How do you get more hearts in line play?

Go to Garden > Menu > Charge to open the Extra Heart Charge screen. 2. Go to Garden > Menu > Settings > My Extra Hearts > Charge Hearts to open the Extra Heart Charge screen.

How many people play Lineplay?

【LINE PLAY】LINE PLAY Shows Impressive Growth with 13 Million Users.

What is heart trade?

The type of heart trading I do is group heart trading. It’s when you gather a group of 20 people, including yourself, and create a heart trading group. Each group has a number of hearts assigned that each person must give to each person in the group.

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What is there to do in LINE PLAY?

LINE PLAY is an avatar creator and suite of virtual environments that users can customize and use to communicate creatively with their family and friends. In addition, users can make their avatars perform unique actions, join chat rooms, and attend special events.

How do you change your house in LINE PLAY?

You can change your room’s size in the Renovation Shop. To get to the shop, go to Shop > Remodel from the home screen. You can also get there from the Shop button on the Room Deco Screen. Once you are at the shop, you can purchase a room size.

How do you send gems in LINE PLAY?

How to apply Line Play Coupon Codes for Free Gift, Invitation and Gems?

  1. Open LINEPLAY and locate the event icon.
  2. Click on the event icon and tap on gift code.
  3. Write the code in the text box provided.
  4. Click on the submit button and you will receive the cute item or gems related to the code.

How do you send gifts on line play?

In the Gift Shop, you can choose between Fashion or Interior gift items. Tap on “All Item” to view all items and not only the popular ones. Tap on a gift item. You can choose “Send” to send it to another player as a gift, or tap “Add to wishlist” to add it on to your profile’s wishlist.

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