FAQ: How To Play 301 Darts?

How do you play 301 rules in darts?

If the game is 301, everyone starts with 301 points. The name of the game is the starting number of points. The number hit is reduced from the starting points and the game ends when the score becomes exactly 0! The first player to lower his/her score to 0 wins!

Do you have to double out in 301?

One of the most fun and challenging aspects of 01 dart games is doubling out. This means that in order to win an 01 game, such as 301 or 501, you must subtract to the exact score of “0” by hitting the double ring of a number. Many advanced players begin an 01 game with a plan to double out.

What is a perfect game in 301 darts?

A perfect game of darts or a perfect “leg” happens when a player is able to check out from 501 using the fewest possible number of darts, which is nine.

How many darts do you need for 301?

If you are a dart god, you can get out of 501 in 9 darts, and 301 with a 6 dart out.

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What are the dart rules?

Rules: The object is to be the first player to hit every number on the board in sequence from 1-20. Hitting any part of the number – single, double or triple – counts, and numbers must be hit in order to advance to the next. Players alternate after three throws. The first player to hit a 20 is the winner.

Can you throw all 3 darts at once?

Bullseye scores 50, the outer ring scores 25 and a dart in the double or treble ring counts double or treble the segment score. So on the last turn, it is not necessary to throw all 3 darts – a player can win with the first or second dart of the turn.

Can you triple out in 301?

The best strategy for winning at 301 is to aim for double and triple points all the way down until you reach a score of 170 and under. From that point on, it’s possible to win the game in just three darts.

Can you finish darts on a triple?

Three darts in the triple 20 scores you 180 points, which is the highest that can be obtained in one round. There are sometimes when you may want to shoot your dart for another target. If one of your darts is blocking the triple 20, you may want to aim for the triple 19 instead, for a cleaner shot.

Can you do 301 in 6 darts?

It’s possible to finish a game of 301 in only 6 throws. For example you will can start off by hitting a double 20, equaling 40, seeing as most 301 games are double in. Then you can hit two treble 20s, 60 plus 60, 120.

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How do you win at darts with 2 points left?

If you’re with 2 points left you hit a double 1 to win. 4 left = double 2.

What is a perfect dart game?

A nine-dart finish, also known as a nine-darter, is a perfect leg in the sport of darts, using only nine darts, the fewest possible, to check out from 501.

How do you finish a dart game?

Basic Rules: In order to reach zero each player must finish by throwing a double i.e. if player one has 36 remaining he must hit double 18 to win, while if player two has 45 remaining he must hit single 5, double 20 to win – or a another combination of scores provided the final dart scores on a double.

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