FAQ: How To Play A Comb?

What is a comb instrument?

Comb and paper is a primitive musical instrument which consists of a comb with a piece of paper pressed to it. To play it, one has to press their lips to the paper pressed to the comb and sing or vocalize into it. The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica refers to it as “the comb-music of the nursery”.

How does a comb harmonica make sound?

The layers above and below the comb are the two reedplates, which are stiff plates of brass that enclose the top and bottom of each channel in the comb. Ten reeds are mounted on each reedplate, and the reeds vibrate to sound the notes.

How do you attract paper to a comb using static electricity?

You can observe static electricity if you run a plastic comb through your hair, then place the comb near small pieces of paper. The paper is attracted to the comb. This happens because the charged comb induces an opposite charge in the paper and as opposite charges attract, the paper sticks to the comb.

How do you make a homemade mouth organ?

Homemade Harmonica

  1. Step 1: You Will Need.
  2. cut 2 pieces off the straw that are 1 inch in length.
  3. take the rubber band and put it around 1 Popsicle stick.
  4. take the 2 pieces of straw and lay them under the rubberband.
  5. lay the other Popsicle stick on top.
  6. now put the small rubber bands on 1 on each side.
  7. Now you’re done.
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Do cats gag when they hear a comb?

Cats gag at the sound of a comb because they have a sensitive and robust sense of hearing. Their keen sense of hearing helps them when they hunt. It allows them to hear if there is prey or predators close by.

What instrument is like a comb?

What’s a Comb Kazoo? A kazoo is an unusual instrument that makes sound when you hum into it.

Is a kazoo a wind instrument?

A kazoo is a wind instrument unlike conventional brass and woodwind instruments. It is typically an open-ended, short tube, which is tapered at one end. Near the wider, front of the instrument there is another opening on top called the turret section, which houses a thin, resonating membrane.

How do I sanitize a harmonica?


  1. Rinse the harmonica with lukewarm water, then tap it against your hand, with the mouthpiece facing down, to remove any residual water. Leave it out to dry thoroughly afterwards.
  2. NOTE: this step only applies to harmonicas with plastic, alloy or heavily sealed combs.

What makes the sound in a harmonica?

Musicians use their breath to blow into or draw air out of the harmonica. The pressure caused by forcing air into or out of the reed chambers causes the loose ends of the reeds to vibrate up and down, creating sound. Blowing into the harmonica produces one note, while drawing air from the harmonica produces another.

What is inside a harmonica?

A harmonica consists of two reed plates, the top one for blow reeds and the bottom one for draw reeds, which are attached to a comb and shielded with top and bottom covers. Each reed plate has different length slots over which reeds of corresponding length are fixed at one end.

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