FAQ: How To Play El Mariachi On Guitar?

How do you strum Mariachi?

Proper Strumming Hand Position Unlike other genres, the strumming hand is never parallel with the strings in a straight position when playing mariachi music on guitar. Instead, the hand is bent at a right angle perpendicular to the strings. Additionally: Your fingers should be stretched out, not curled in.

What is a small Mexican guitar called?

The Mexican vihuela is a small, deep-bodied rhythm guitar built along the same lines as the guitarrón. The Mexican Vihuela is used by Mariachi groups. This instrument is strummed with all of the fingernail tips to produce a rich, full and clear sound of the chords being played.

What’s a Mexican guitar called?

The guitarrón mexicano (the Spanish name of a “big Mexican guitar”, the suffix -ón being a Spanish augmentative) or Mexican guitarrón is a very large, deep-bodied Mexican six-string acoustic bass played traditionally in Mariachi groups.

What kind of guitar do mariachis play?

The guitars utilized in mariachi music are the “vihuela”, the “guitarron” and the acoustic guitar. A vihuela is a little, sharp Mexican guitar with five strings.

How do you make a mariachi guitar in Growtopia?


  1. Doing /dance with this item equipped will cause the player to play the guitar.
  2. Wearing this item alongside the Fiesta Sombrero will award the player with the achievement La Vida De La Fiesta.
  3. When dropped into a Mystery Pinata, the player will receive a Fiesta Mariachi Guitar.
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What is the chord CM?

The Cm (or C minor ) chord embodies an expressive softness when played. It can elicit a sobering passion, longing, or solemnity. The soft and somber nature of the chord makes it well-suited to ballads of unrequited love or songs that have a downtrodden feel.

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