FAQ: How To Play Going To California On Mandolin?

Is there a mandolin in going to California?

Overview. “Going to California” is a folk-style song, with Robert Plant on vocal, acoustic guitar by Jimmy Page and mandolin by John Paul Jones.

What is the tuning for going to California?

The tuning Jimmy Page used in “Going To California” is Double Drop “D” Tuning. “Going To California” is one of the great acoustic classic rock songs.

What Led Zeppelin songs have mandolin?

Battle of Evermore – Led Zeppelin Released in 1971, this folk duet is about Lord of the Rings, and mandolin would be a natural choice of instrument for this one. The Battle of Evermore is sometimes lovingly referred to as “the Led Zeppelin song with mandolin”.

Who played mandolin on going to California?

Jimmy Page played two different guitars on the track – a 12-string and a 6-string – and John Paul Jones played mandolin. Jones was the bass player in Led Zeppelin but could play a variety of instruments, expanding the band’s musical range.

How hard is it to learn going to California?

Learn To Play Going to California I’ve included the mandolin lick into the tab here, it’s quite hard to play but such a great moment in the song, so I recommend putting the effort in to learn it. Having said that, if it is too hard you can of course take it out and just play another bar of the arpeggiated D chord.

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What songs have a mandolin in them?

Songs with a mandolin

  • Could It Be – Charlie Worsham.
  • Dance Tonight – Paul McCartney.
  • Darker Shade Of Black – Blackmore’s Night.
  • Even Though I’m Leaving – Luke Combs.
  • Friend Of The Devil – Grateful Dead.
  • I Will Dare – The Replacements.
  • Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls.
  • Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

How hard is it to play the mandolin?

Fortunately, the mandolin is not a difficult instrument to learn. It also has less strings than many other instruments, like the guitar, which makes reading tablature much easier. The mandolin is just unusual enough that people will be curious as to what instrument you’re playing.

What type of music is played on a mandolin?

Neapolitan mandolins feature prominently in European classical music and traditional music. Archtop instruments are common in American folk music and bluegrass music. Flat-backed instruments are commonly used in Irish, British, and Brazilian folk music.

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