FAQ: How To Play The Streets Roblox?

What is the streets on Roblox?

The Streets Roblox Wiki | Fandom. The Streets Roblox Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge!

How do you make money in the streets on Roblox?

A good way to quickly earn money is to server hop in the grocery store with four registers and quickly snatch them.

How do you stomp the streets in Roblox?

You can mash E with your weapon of choice to stomp them for a quick kill, or you can absolutely disrespect them by holding E and shoving them into a wall.

Who made the streets Roblox?

The Streets is an open-world action game created by Snakeworl.

How do you spit on Roblox?

Type to use them /e spit /e dab /e lay /e pushups /e situps /e sit /e sit2 / e chill /e kick & more to come. Type to use them /e spit /e dab /e lay /e pushups /e situps /e sit /e sit2 /e chill /e kick & more to come.

How do you fly in streets on Roblox?

Ragdoll Flying (The Streets) By grabbing a ragdoll and walking over them in the direction you are holding them, you can slowly “fly” and get on top of buildings.

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Where can I buy shotty on the street?

It can only be found as a one-life drop or bought as a gamepass for 650 R$. Unlike real life, Where a shotgun might have 5, 6, 7,or 8 shells in a tube, the Shotty holds only 4, despite the tube size.

How do you finish in the streets on Roblox Xbox?

Press E (PC) or Y (xbox) or Press and Hold (App) to finish rag-dolled players.

Who is Snakeworl?

Snakeworl is a Roblox game developer notable for a wide variety of games, from arena battles to open world RPGs based on anime/ franchises. Snakeworl is the player who prominently pioneered the “anime rpg” genre on Roblox, having made successful open world RPGs back before even 2010.

How do you stomp on the street on Xbox?

Stomp- Use Tool “Punch” and Press “E” on Keybooard Drag- Use Tool “Punch” and Hold “E” on Keyboard Crouch- Ctrl I you like

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