FAQ: How To Play X Wing On Vassal?

What is X-Wing hyperspace?

Hyperspace Game Mode The Second Edition game mode is an ideal introduction to players new to X-Wing. This game mode includes only those components found in the second edition Core Set and ship expansions. Choose a faction, then select up to 200 points of pilots and upgrades to create your squad.

Can you play X-Wing with just the core set?

With a single core set, you can also play the game using the escalation format we showcased in the previous chapter! While you only need one core set to play X-Wing, you will need a core set for every player. This will give each player their own damage deck and template set.

Who makes Star Wars Legion?

Star Wars: Legion is an asymmetrical two player infantry-based wargame published by Fantasy Flight Games. The game re-enacts the Galactic Civil War with one player acting as the Rebel Alliance and the others acting as the Galactic Empire, and includes over 33 assembled miniatures as well as several cards.

What is hyperspace format?

The hyperspace format is a curated format which has been tuned by the game designers to be new-player friendly. That means that they have taken out everything not re-released for second edition and limited the legal pool to a small number of re-released ships and upgrades available in those ship expansions.

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