FAQ: Yngwie Malmsteen How To Play Fast?

How fast can Yngwie play?

Also on Trilogy yngwie plays 5 notes a sec at about 230 (something near that) in one part. That’s about 20 notes per second. That is extremely fast, and way faster that anything I’ve heard kirk or eddie play.

Does Yngwie use economy picking?

Downstroke Sweeping Picking pioneer Yngwie Malmsteen is remarkably consistent in applying DWPS economy to his vocabulary of classically-inspired scales and arpeggios, and his signature phrases offer many illustrative examples of one-way economy design at work.

How do I get faster at alternate picking?

Practice slowly and learn four or eight notes at a time, keeping your pick moving ‘down-up’ throughout. Try flicking your pick away from the strings on the upstrokes to lessen the chance of hitting the wrong string on the downstroke. Start at 60-90 BPM, and just remember: ‘down-up, down-up’.

What picks does Yngwie?

Yngwie Malmsteen has been known to use Dunlop Delrin 1.5 to 2.0 mm and Fender Heavy Tortoise shell picks. John Petrucci uses Dunlop Jazz III 1.5 mm picks and has his own signature model.

How do you get Yngwie Malmsteen sound?

Tone is all in the fingers! The only way you’re gonna get that Yngwie tone is to have Yngwie come and play through your amp. Just play the Harmonic Minor scale. Sweep pick a lot of diminished arpeggios.

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Can Malmsteen read music?

yep basically they all do. I know for a fact Vai and Petrucci do, because you cant graduate Berklee without being able to read music, and malmsteen can because he transcribed classical tunes into sheet music.

What delay does Yngwie use?

As explained by Malmsteen himself, he has this pedal on in most of the cases when he plays clean stuff. When it comes to delays, Yngwie has used the Roland RE-20 Space Echo and the Boss DD-3 delay over the years. The Roland one is a complex piece, basically like an effects processor specialized for delays.

How does Steve Vai hold pick?

Players like Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen do not bend there thumb knuckle, yet Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci do. In a video lesson from Paul Gilbert, he explains that by bending his thumb knuckle, it rolls the pick away from the flat part of the index finger and puts the pick more on the side of the finger.

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