How To Play Alex Sfv?

How do you fight Alex SFV?

Against Alex, you can safely press buttons after: s. HP, s.MK, s.HK, c.MK, c.HK, blocked L, M, H, and Ex Flash Chop, blocked L, M, H, and EX Slash Elbow, blocked L, M, H Air Raid (his stomp) and his CA. Furthermore, you can press buttons after all of his command grab -> dash ups.

Is Alex easy SFV?

Alex isn’t a combo-heavy character, but that doesn ‘t make him simple to play. It’s incredibly crucial to have patience and to understand spacing.

Why is Alex so bad in SFV?

Alex’s main flaws are that he has no way to wake up or respond to strong pressure, especially with his terrible v-reversal (worse than even Vega’s) outside of using his Critical Art, which is damning in a meta that strongly rewards characters with powerful rushdown capabilities, such as Cammy, Balrog, and Laura.

What does Alex V-skill do?

Alex can inflict up at least 300 damage in one combo by using his V-Skill to buff his other moves.

What is Alex V-skill 2?

Alex’s V – Skill 2 Alex’s second V – Skill allows him to cancel a special attack into another special on hit and block. There are some important downsides that need to be noted though. Unlike Dhalsim, Alex WILL lose his V – Skill 2 charge if he takes a hit. You’ll want to make sure you don’t lose it like this.

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How does Alex Parry work?

Now that we’ve actually tried out Alex for ourselves, we can confirm that he indeed has a parry. He can ward off attacks by pressing HP+HK while in V-Trigger. It’s become a bit of a tradition to recreate EVO moment #37 with any character that can parry in a Street Fighter game.

Is Alex Bad SFV?

Alex has been deemed irredeemably bad in Street Fighter 5. The Street Fighter 3 character is plenty popular amongst fans and gets a healthy amount of usage online, but is widely deemed the worst character in the game.

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