How To Play Hold Back The River?

What tuning is hold back the river in?

It’s originally in D tuning (everything down a whole step), so you can choose to either retune or hit ‘Transpose’ and Yousician will raise the pitch so you can play along in standard tuning. Strengthen your chord reading and playing skills with this groovy song.

Who sings hold back the river?

Who is James Bay’s girlfriend?

Unlike most famous musicians James Bay has been with his girlfriend Lucy Smith since they were teenagers. Lucy is also from Hitchin, which is where they met and started dating. Although they don’t appear much together in public, she is always at the side of the stage supporting him.

What genre is hold back the river?

The song is composed in the key of E minor. The verse follows a chord progression of Em7-A while the pre-chorus is Cmajor7-Bm-Cmajor7-Bm-C-Bm-D and the chorus is G-D-D-A.

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