How To Play Riddle School?

How do you get riddle school?

This is the walkthrough for Riddle School.

  1. Click on the sharpener.
  2. Go right once and click on the locker right next to the fountain.
  3. Go in to Ms.
  4. Go out and right into the Janitor’s Closet.
  5. Go out and right twice and use the hall pass.
  6. Go right twice and use the dollar.

How do you do Riddle School 5?


  1. Click under the bed.
  2. Grab the alien coin.
  3. Check the vent cover.
  4. Put the alien coin on each of the three individual screws on the vent cover.
  5. Pick up the three screws from the ground.
  6. Open the vent and click on the arrow leading out.
  7. In the big room, click on the tile device in the background.
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How do you get pass the Hall guard in Riddle school?

Go North into the janitor’s closet and click on the feather duster in your inventory. You will recieve a dollar. Leave the room and go right until you meet Richy the hall guard. Show him the hall pass and he will leave.

How do you get past Chubb in Riddle School 1?

In Riddle School, Chubb Munch is found blocking the way to the teacher’s lounge. The only way to make him move out of the way is by giving him a dollar so he can buy a cookie in the cafeteria’s (unbeknownst to him, broken) machine.

Where is the gum in Riddle School 3?

It’s on the desk. This adds the ruler to your inventory. Click the globe repeatedly. Eventually, you will see pink gum on the globe.

Is Riddle School on mobile?

About Riddle School Riddle School is a free app for Android published in the Other list of apps, part of Games & Entertainment.

How do you beat a riddle transfer?


  1. Click the toilet lid.
  2. Take the flusher handle.
  3. Use the flusher handle on the dial pad.
  4. Type 78255 on the dial pad.
  5. Exit the room and go to the storage room (Door with box on it).
  6. Click the papers from top to bottom.
  7. Exit the room and go to Goat-Man’s room (Hallway with goat symbol).

How do you kill a smiley?

You can only spare Smiley after a certain amount of damage is done to him. Sparing him is the 2nd way to kill Smiley. Another way to kill him is to get all his HP down.

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What is the order of the riddle school games?

Riddle School Series

  • Riddle School. by JonBro.
  • Riddle School 2. by JonBro.
  • Riddle School 3. by JonBro.
  • Riddle School 4. by JonBro.
  • Riddle School 5. by JonBro.
  • Riddle Transfer. by JonBro.
  • Riddle Transfer 2. by JonBro.

How do you move in Riddle school?

Riddle School Walkthrough

  1. click on sharpener at teacher’s table.
  2. go east and open locker beside the fountain and take hall pass.
  3. click north to go inside ms.
  4. click on trash can to take feather duster then get out of the room.
  5. go east and go inside the janitor’s closet.

What happens if you beat Riddle School 3 two times in a row?

ALTERNATE ENDING: This will occur if you beat the game two times. On a rather creepy and dark tone, words will say that you have been possessed by the monkey doll. The monkey doll’s eyes will turn red.

What is the locker combination in Riddle School 3?

It’s the combination, which apparently says BLOBBLES on it. Leave the room and go back to where Richy is yelling in his locker. Click on the locker and enter the code which is clearly written on the combination paper. If you haven’t noticed yet that Phil read the paper upside-down, the code is 53788078.

How do you get past Riddle School 2?

Go into the office and then go into Mr. Mister’s office. Watch the cutscene and then go all the way left to the exit at the end of the hall. Open the door and you are free. You have completed the game!

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Where do you put the steak in Riddle School 5?

Put the potted dirtflower right on the Living Thing counter. The dead animal is the steak, but the steak won’t survive unless it’s in dirt. Combine the steak and the tray of dirt. Then put the tray with the steak inside right on the Dead Animal counter.

How do you make coffee in transfer 2 riddle?

Use the dollar on Richy. Exit the room and go back to Mrs. Cophey’s class. Use the water bucket on Zack, then combine the boiling water bucket with the coffee grounds.

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