How To Play Rockabilly Guitar And Get Good Fast?

Is rockabilly guitar hard?

By the mid 50’s guitars were being mass produced and this new form of rock n roll wasn ‘t to difficult to play. The best way to learn rockabilly is the same as it once was, by sharing and learning new licks. It is a genre of music that is easy to mix and match intros, riffs, and rhythms.

Is rockabilly easy?

Although it’s one of the later and poppier songs in our timeline of rockabilly music, this song is easy to play on the guitar and makes for a good intro to the musical style. You just have to get that good country guitar rhythm down, and then there’s a short but sweet solo to learn.

What is rockabilly guitar?

That blend of rock n roll, country and jazz known as rockabilly is one of the most fun guitar styles there is. It combines rawness with sophistication and can be as primitive or as elaborate as you want to make it.

What is the rockabilly scale?

Like the minor pentatonic scale, the rockabilly scale has five moveable, overlapping fingerings, illustrated by Figures 3 through 6. Whenever you shift positions – whether ascending or descending – your index finger always plays the lowest of the three notes on each string.

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