How To Play Your Cheatin Heart On Guitar?

What key is Your Cheatin Heart in?

Your Cheatin’ Heart by Hank Williams is in the key of C Major.

What was Hank Williams favorite guitar?

But, we do know that Hank Williams was in LOVE with his ‘ 44 D-28 and it is said that he played that one guitar on most of his records and many many of his concert appearances. I think it sounds like a short scale mahogany guitar, probably a Gibson. HW also played, and is pictured with, J-35s.

What kind of guitar does Hank Williams play?

Hank Williams Senior’s 1947 Martin acoustic guitar, which is normally in a display case.

What is Hank Williams guitar worth?

December 6. It is part of their “Country Music Sale” and amidst all the Nudie suits and belt buckles is this guitar once owned by Hank Williams, estimated sales value $100,000 -$150,000.

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