Often asked: How Many Lands To Play In Draft?

How many lands should I play in draft?

Deck and Draft Guidelines The standard number of lands in a draft deck is 17–18. Occasionally some decks will require more, while some formats (or deck archetypes) feature enough mana acceleration and cheap spells that they require less.

How many lands should be in a 40 draft deck?

For a control deck, you’ll be looking at around 18 lands in your 40-card deck. If you’re playing an army of small creatures, you’ll likely only need 15. It’s also worth always sticking to the 40-card minimum because then you have a far higher chance of pulling out your best cards during each game.

When can you play 18 lands in draft?

Base it on creatures – if you have more 4 drops than 2 drops, that’s a sign you’ll want 18 lands. I play 18 most of the time when I have 5+ 5 and 6 drops or any 7 drops. Or with a splash and not much fixing. Decks that need to reach five lands and have some form of card filtering are good options for 18 lands.

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How many creatures should you have in draft?

Usually, my draft decks tend to aim for 16-17, 6-7 other spells, and 17 lands. Generally, if you end up with 19-20+ creatures your deck is going to be aggressive but insufficiently versatile. If you end up with 11 or fewer creatures your deck may have lots of “answers” but a shortage of ways to actually win the game.

How many lands do you need to consistently hit your land drops?

On the play, you need 26 lands to achieve this. On the draw, you only need 23 lands. The extra draw step makes a big difference!

How many lands should be in a 100 card deck?

Re: how man y lands 100 card deck that format is played useing 100 card decks. 35-40 lands is the average in those decks.

How many lands should be in a 2 color deck?

Players can play two-color decks and play eight dual lands, or they can branch out into three or more colors and have options of which dual lands they prefer depending on the speed of their deck.

How many lands should be in a 3 color deck?

A deck with MM and NN costs would need 40 total sources and 16 dual lands, which ranges from difficult to impossible depending on the format. For triple cost or above this gets even more restrictive. Triple cost on turn three would require 22 land, or turn four would require 18.

What does a good mana curve look like?

The ideal is curving out perfectly with a one-drop on turn one, a two-drop on turn two, and so on (which amounts to spending 1+2+3+4+5=15 mana over the course of the first five turns). Such a perfect curve would typically beat an opponent who only manages to cast, say, 10 mana worth of cards in the first five turns.

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How many lands should a 45 card deck have?

In a forty card deck, that means at least 16 land cards. If your important cards are five drops, and you want to play them on turn five, you need five lands in your first eleven cards – or 45% land. That means you need slightly over 18 lands in your deck.

How many lands should be in a sealed deck?

A typical deck in Sealed contains around 22 to 23 cards with 17 to 18 lands. Of the 22 to 23 cards, around 13 to 17 should be creatures if you’re playing an Aggro or Midrange archetype. Control decks will naturally have fewer creatures and more spells.

How much land do you need for Commander?

As a general rule of thumb, you want somewhere between 33 and 42 lands in a Commander deck. Naturally, you want as many special lands as you can find. Lands that generate more than one colour of mana or that have special abilities are always a great shout.

How much mana should be in a draft deck?

Conventional wisdom is to run around 40% lands in Limited. This means around 12-13 lands for a 30-card deck, and 16-18 lands for a 40-card deck. Typically, you see three variations. Aggressive, low-curve decks (which curve out at at four or five) will run as few as 11/16 lands.

How many creatures should be in a 60 card deck?

For anyone’s first deck, I recommend a good balance of creatures coupled with other cards. If you’re playing with 23 lands, I think about 20 creatures to 22 creatures is a solid place to be. This will put you at 43 to 45 cards out of your minimum 60 and help to ensure that you’re not just swept off the table.

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How do you curve a draft deck?

The median number of 6-drops is 1. Ideally, you should run no more than 5 cards at 5 CMC or greater. Two or three 5-drops and one 6-drop is the ideal curve for most Draft decks.

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