Often asked: How To Play Ibuki?

How do you use Ibuki?

It’s activated by pressing and holding any punch button on the ground. When you release, Ibuki will let rip with her Kunai. In the air, this move is performed identically but with the kick button. Ibuki slides around a half-screen’s length across the ground with a low kick.

Is Ibuki beginner friendly?

Ibuki is somewhat unfriendly due to having low health, needing to basically be comboing/mixing up all the time, requiring solid reads, and having somewhat lackluster neutral buttons.

Does Ibuki have a command grab?

Ibuki readying to use Raida against Makoto in SFIV. Raida starts up in 6 frames meaning that (within it’s range) it will reliably connect from Ibuki’s special cancelable attacks. It appears to be a Command Grab but actually is a strike Hitbox, however once connected it acts very similarly to a grab.

How do I get Kunai back Ibuki?

The longer the kick button is held, the more kunais she can restore. Ibuki needs to visually pull the kunai out and store it in order for it to be used. If she is attacked beforehand, then the kunai(s) won’t replenish. If two kick buttons are pressed and held, Ibuki performs the EX Kunai Hoju.

Is Ibuki hard to learn SFV?

Ibuki- She is also very technical. Hard to win with and hard to play. She’s very fun combo-wise, but again, hard to use.

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How many characters are in SFV?

The game features 16 characters at launch, with four of them being new to the series. A story mode and 30 additional characters were added through updates and downloadable content.

How do you use Ibuki’s ultra combo?

1 Answer.. That means two half circles clockwise and three punch buttons (or the “All punches” shortcut). You also must do it in close range to the opponent.

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