Often asked: Undertale How To Play The Piano?

How do you solve the puzzle in Undertale?

Jump right, up, right, down, down, right, up, up, up, right, up. Solve the puzzle by sliding the blocks left then right. Jump right, up, right, down, down, right, right, down, left, down. Avoid the laser beams on the conveyor belt, then solve the puzzle by sliding the blocks left, left, left, up, left, left, right.

How do you open the secret door in Undertale?

How to Enter the Mystery Room

  1. To open the locked door, you must earn the True Pacifist ending.
  2. During the ending credits, you must dodge the Kickstarter credits. You can’t hit and turn a single name yellow.
  3. Start a new game and reach the locked door. It will now be open.

How do you beat Undyne in waterfall?

Undyne will turn to attack you but then fades into the shadows instead. Leave the reeds and Undyne’s biggest fan will say how awesome it all was and you can save before continuing east. Flex three times, but be care to dodge his attacks as he will get stronger with each flex. On his third flex, he will disappear.

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Does killing mad dummy ruin a pacifist run?

No. Neither the dummy nor Napstablook count. It is faster to use Act->Talk on the dummy, and to grind all encounters in the three rock room before Napstablook: if you have already exhausted the encounters in RUINS by the time you meet Napstablook, he will simply fade away.

Can you get Temmie armor in genocide?

The protagonist cannot obtain this on the Genocide Route as the option to pay for college is replaced with “premiem” Temmie Flakes. After unlocking the Temmie Armor, the Temmie Shopkeeper explains that while the armor is amazing, it can and will ruin the experience of combat.

How do you get mad Mew Mew?

The Difference Between Undertale’s Switch Version

  1. The Dog Shrine.
  2. Now going to The Dog Shrine will let you encounter Mad Mew Mew.
  3. Choose to ‘Act’ and ‘Touch’ her three times and she’ll challenge you to a battle.
  4. She will split your soul and you will need to move both sides to the relevant colours to dodge her attacks.

What happens if you kill Papyrus?

When you kill Papyrus, he isn’t dead it kind of hints at Papyrus coming back because when he dies he tells you he still believes in you, and usually hints like that mean something will stop him believing in you and something will happen. However, a single hit will kill him. Sparing him aborts a Genocide Route.

Is Undyne a boy?

Undyne is a lesbian character from Undertale.

Can you flee in true pacifist?

Throughout the game, never kill any enemies or gain any EXP/LV; essentially, only use non-lethal battle exits (spare, flee, or battle-ending ACTs).

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What happens if you don’t give Undyne water?

If you don’t give Undyne the water, then she will fall into the lava. Or she will die from dehydration.

Does flexing at Temmie kill it?

Does flexing at Temmie kill it? Contrary to popular belief, killing Temmie accrues EXP and is considered a kill by the game, which will cause a True Pacifist Route attempt to fail. To spare Temmie, the protagonist must talk to her or feed her Temmie Flakes.

Is Mad Dummy Mad Mew Mew?

Mad Dummy (also known as Mad Mew Mew in the Switch version) is a minor antagonist and mini-boss in the indie-RPG game, Undertale. They are a ghost monster that lives inside a dummy in the Garbage Dump and the other dummy’s cousin.

Does eating Vegetoid count as a kill?

Choosing “Devour” when Vegetoid is ready to be spared heals 5 HP and ends the fight. In the demo, Vegetoid would be eaten whole and considered killed, giving the protagonist EXP, and the dinner option is not present.

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