Question: Dizi How To Play?

Is dizi difficult to learn?

A cheap flute is likely to be challenging to play in tune, especially in the second and third octaves. Some are hard or impossible to play much above 1.5 octaves. A carefully made dizi sounds great and is easily played in tune throughout the useful range, even on the top notes.

Which dizi is best for beginners?

According to Weixuan, new learners should start with a D key Dizi – aside from being one of the easiest to play, many traditional pieces are in D as well.

Is dizi harder than flute?

At the advanced level, playing the Dizi is something which requires incredible skill. If you have expertise in playing the flute, it would definitely be much easier and require far less time to learn to play the Dizi and vice versa. That is why knowing about their differences is so crucial!

How long does it take to learn dizi?

really 20 weeks, you will be able to play simple tunes and amaze your friends. It may take a few years before you will be “Really decent”, but it will happen, and you will enjoy your life while doing it. Playing music is a great thing and help keeps the mind sharp.

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What makes a good dizi?

Apart from its material made from bamboo, the Dizi is also a very efficient instrument that offers sounds on various keys C, D, E, F and G which buyers can buy from. This is a typical handmade traditional Dizi which is made of natural bitter bamboo material with a brass material as joint.

How long is a dizi?

A good length is approximately 18-20” long. Longer flutes may have an additional finger hole (the larger dizi has this), and they play lower octaves. Small flutes with higher octaves are smaller than 16”, while longer flutes are ideally 24-26” long. Determine the style of ends for the dizi.

What key flute should I buy?

If you like the sound, you might try a B flat key flute then, however most beginners prefer to start off with a standard G, D, F or C key flute. Eric’s flute sounds a D note when all six holes are covered, and it sounds more pentatonic to my ears. You can work out semi-tones on open hole flutes very easily.

How do you put a membrane on a dizi?

Wet the outside of the Dimo hole and rub some Erjiao / adhesive on the outside of the Dimo hole. This is to stick the Dimo onto the Dizi. In the event that Erjiao is unavailable, you can use garlic (vampires beware!) or paper glue as a temporary solution.

Which flute is easiest?

Open Hole Flutes are the Best for Beginners Until they have refined their technique, beginners are better off learning with closed hole (German style) flutes. Also known as plateau holes, closed holes will make the instrument much easier to play for beginners.

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What is the Chinese flute called?

The dizi or bamboo flute is one of the most popular instruments in traditional Chinese music. The Chinese flute is played horizontally, much like a western flute, and is commonly carved out of a single piece of bamboo with a cork-lined blow-hole. The body of the flute has six finger-holes at measured distances.

Is dizi same as flute?

The dizi, also known as the Chinese flute, is a six-holed, transverse flute. It might look similar to the word ‘dizzy’, but it’s actually pronounced like ‘deet-zuh’. Dizi usually come in two pieces that attach together, much like how you’d put together a recorder.

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