Question: How To Play A Low C On Alto Sax?

How do you finger low C sharp on alto sax?

Description: 1 To play a low D flat and/or C sharp, using your LEFT hand, place your three main fingers on the top three main keys of your saxophone, plus all three fingers on your right hand. Add in the top key with your RIGHT pinky finger. Add the outer key with your LEFT pinky finger.

What note is concert C on alto sax?

Concert C is their D, Concert Ab is their Bb. Alto and baritone saxes, alto clarinet and most alto horns are Eb instruments: when they play a C it sounds like a Eb on the piano. So, if they want to play a concert Bb scale, they start on a G (they have to think up a six steps in the scale – or down a minor third).

What note is C on saxophone?

1 To play a middle C, using your LEFT hand, place your middle finger on the middle main key of your saxophone. 2 To play a high C, simply add the Register key (sometimes known as the Octave key) using your LEFT thumb at the back of your saxophone.

What is G flat on alto sax?

Description: 1 To play a low F sharp / G flat, add all three main fingers on your left hand, plus the middle finger on your right hand. 2 To play a middle F sharp / G flat, keep all main fingers on their main keys just like a Low F, but add the Register key with your LEFT thumb.

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What is E sharp on alto sax?

E# is like F and B# is like C. E to F is a half step and B to C is also a half step. So if you raise E by a half step with a sharp, you get to F. And if you raise B by a half step with a sharp, you get C. Similarly, Fb is like E and Cb is like B.

What’s the lowest note on alto sax?

The alto saxophone’s lowest note is a written Bb, which is a concert Db3. This note means it plays the note a major seventh below middle C or C4. To play this note, you need to use all three main keys on both hands as well as the lower-key for both pinkies.

How do you fix low notes on a saxophone?

The G sharp key lets the problem pad/cup for low notes go up and down. The F key is the one that pushes it down. So if you press the F key down and push the G sharp, you should see the G sharp movement forward only slightly—it’s probably easier to see this movement from the left of your saxophone.

What is the highest note on alto sax?

In E♭: sounds a major sixth lower than written. Most modern alto saxophones can reach a high F♯ (or higher using altissimo fingerings).

Can A saxophone play in any key?

This is when you discover that your saxophone is in a different key. Yes an alto is in Eb and a tenor is in Bb. This is because they are what is commonly called a “transposing instrument”. This is a common feature of many, but not all, woodwind and brass instruments.

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Why is alto saxophone E flat?

Because the D major key is a whole step above the C major key, it contains two sharps. Since alto and baritone saxophones are in E♭, (meaning they produce an E♭ when playing a written C), in order to produce an actual C, they must play an A, which is a perfect third down from C.

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