Question: How To Play Idolmaster Side M?

How do you play Sidem Mobage?

You must make a Mobage account to play through the browser: Go to on your mobile device and scroll down to the section labeled 無料会員登録 (Register for Free).

  1. Insert your email address into the line provided.
  2. Hit the button labeled 送信 (Send).
  3. Continue registration from the link provided by Mobage.

How do I get into Idolmaster?

theres a few ways you can start: you can choose a branch to get into, but if you dont know where to start, i’d say its easier to get into the original idolmaster. by watching the anime and/or playing the games, you can listen to the songs that they perform or that you play and see if you enjoy them!

Is Idolmaster available in English?

While the series is largely only available in Japan, the three versions of The Idolmaster Shiny Festa were localized into English and released worldwide on iOS. The Idolmaster series has spawned many works in other media including anime, manga, novels, radio shows and drama CDs.

Where can I watch Idolmaster?

The Idol Master – Watch on Crunchyroll.

How many Idolmaster songs are there?

There are 73 songs initially available across the entire series. There is a large amount of overlap between the songs as many of them are featured in multiple games. In addition to the original versions of these songs, 16 remixes are also included in The Idolmaster Live For You!

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How many idols are there in Idolmaster?

765 idols. The primary characters in The Idolmaster are affiliated with 765 Production, described as a small, independent talent agency based in a small office.

Is Idolmaster on Crunchyroll?

THE [email protected] Side M – Watch on Crunchyroll.

Should I watch Idol Master?

The story is a bit scattered, there are overarching stories, but the series will dedicate one episode for each member (think of it as fanservice for fans of that specific character). The idolmaster movie is good, although i wished it was entirely focused on the 765 cast and not the new characters.

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