Question: How To Play Metro Exodus Dlc?

Is Metro exodus DLC worth it?

Each is a story mission, shifting the focus away from Artyom to new characters and locations—great if you’re just popping back in to play the DLC, because there’s no need to remember all the small plot details of the entire game.

How many DLC will Metro exodus have?

“The Metro Exodus Expansion Pass will contain two major pieces of story-driven DLC for the game, following brand new stories from the world of Metro. Instead of Artyom, players will have the chance to see through the eyes of a brand new character and of one of the Spartan Rangers, the Aurora’s only”

Is Metro exodus DLC standalone?

Included in the Expansion Pass and also purchasable standalone, the DLC follows Spartan Ranger Sam, who leaves the Aurora to travel back to the United States of America.

Is Metro exodus Sam’s story a DLC?

Sam’s Story is a story DLC for Metro Exodus. It takes place after the events of Metro Exodus and follows the story of Sam as he explores the tsunami-ravaged ruins of Vladivostok in hopes of finding a way to return to the United States and reunite with his family.

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Is Artyom a mute?

Most of the game is narrated by Artyom with voice-overs during the loading periods. Outside of the narrations, Artyom is nearly always silent and (in many ways) mysterious.

How long is the two colonels DLC?

The estimated time to complete all 8 The Two Colonels achievements for Metro Exodus is 2-3 hours.

How old is Artyom?

The protagonist of the novel is a 24-year-old man named Artyom who was born before the nuclear war.

Will there be a 3rd DLC for Metro Exodus?

Play it again, Sam. Metro Exodus will drop the second and final DLC in its Expansion Pass on 11th February, for PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia and Xbox One.

How many endings does exodus Metro have?

Much like Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light before it, Metro Exodus doesn’t skimp when it comes to endings. In keeping the same tradition, there are two Metro Exodus endings – a good ending and a bad ending, both of which require specific conditions to be fulfilled in order to be unlocked.

Is Sam’s story standalone?

Sam’s Story launches on February 11th and is available via the Metro Exodus expansion pass or as a stand-alone DLC.

How long is Sam story?

Unlike Two Colonels, Sam’s Story is a superb DLC that offers a terrific amount of gameplay for the $17.99 price tag. Just focusing on the core campaign missions, Sam’s Story will take roughly 7-10 hours to complete depending on your skill level.

Does Sam die in Metro Exodus?

He does not die, but he is stuck in the deal cold dreaming of reaching his home to see his father. In this ending, Sam might have stopped a nuclear war, but he also loses the chance of reaching home. Still, in the last cutscene, Sam is found to be sitting near the broken bridge.

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Do you need Metro Exodus to play Sam’s story?

Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story on Steam. This content requires the base game Metro Exodus on Steam in order to play.

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