Question: How To Play Music On Sonos From Iphone?

How do I play my iPhone music library on Sonos?

Play Music From Your iTunes Library

  1. Launch Sonos Controller app.
  2. Go into the Browse tab.
  3. Select On This iPhone.
  4. Select the category you want to play. If it’s a playlist, you can select “Play All” and it’ll play all the songs inside of it.
  5. Select the song you want to play (if you want to play just one song)

How do I connect my iPhone to Sonos?

Sonos S1 app for iOS or Android

  1. Connect your device to the WiFi network that Sonos is on.
  2. Open the Sonos app.
  3. When you see the message “Sonos found” at the top of the screen, tap Connect.
  4. Tap Let’s connect.
  5. Once you see “Connected to your Sonos system,” select Done.

Why wont my iPhone play on Sonos?

Starting today, the ‘On this iPhone or iPad’ feature will no longer be available in the Sonos app. The best way to play the music stored on your phone to Sonos is now by using Apple AirPlay 2 on compatible Sonos speakers (Sonos One, Amp, Beam, Play:5 (Gen 2), Playbase, and SYMFONISK WiFi Speakers).

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Can I Bluetooth my iPhone to Sonos?

Bluetooth on Sonos Move or Roam If you have a Sonos Move or Roam, you can connect your iOS device via Bluetooth to play your downloaded music.

Why can’t I play my music library on Sonos?

If the computer or NAS drive is powered off or asleep, Sonos will not be able to reach your music files and you’ll see an error message that Sonos is unable to connect to the music share. Make sure that the computer or NAS drive where the music is stored is powered on, connected to the network, and not sleeping.

How do I play music from my phone through Sonos?

Open the Sonos app for Android. From the Browse tab, tap This Mobile Device. Choose the music you want to play.

Can I play my own music on Sonos?

To play your own music from your Android device on Sonos, follow the steps below: Open the Sonos app on your Android device. Go to the Browse tab and tap on This Mobile Device. Choose the music or playlist you want to play.

Why can’t I play my own music on iPhone?

If Apple Music isn’t playing on your iPhone or iPad, try shutting down the app and opening it again, or restart your device. If all but a single song or two will play, delete it from your Apple Music library and re-download it to get a clean file.

Can you connect to Sonos via Bluetooth?

Portable Sonos products can connect to your devices using Bluetooth. To pair with a Bluetooth device, you must first put your Sonos product in Bluetooth discovery mode.

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Can you play iTunes on Sonos from iPhone?

It’s not compatible with AirPlay so you can’t stream to it from iTunes. You can only access your iTunes library via the Sonos app. You have to download the Sonos app to your computer, then set up iTunes as your Music Library.

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