Quick Answer: How To Play Slingo Adventure?

How does Slingo work?

Slingo is a hybrid of 75 ball bingo with a slot machine, combining the excitement of spinning reels with that of marking off numbers on a card. It is played on a 5 x 5 grid that resembles a 75 ball bingo card. The Super Joker allows any number anywhere on the grid to be daubed. The Gold Coin awards points.

How many levels are in Slingo adventure?

The game will offer 100 levels at launch, which become increasingly complicated as players progress. Levels are split into themed areas, like a mountainous world where ice cubes sit on top of numbers.

How do you win Slingo?

To win at Slingo, you need to accumulate points. Every spin awards you a different number of points, depending on the action. Each game offers slightly different prizes, but you most often get points for clearing lines, clearing your card, landing coin symbols and spinning 3 – 5 Jokers or Super Jokers.

What is a Ringo in Slingo Adventure?

Ringos in Slingo® Blast allow you to send Matches and buy power ups. Free Ringos can be collected each day as a Daily Reward and the can be won by winning Matches. The bigger the win, the more Ringos YOU win!

Does Slingo pay out?

Our Lightning Withdrawals means you’ ll get your cash within 24 hours, subject to providing any information we require in accordance with our terms and conditions. For a complete timetable of when you should expect to see your funds in your account, please visit the Withdraw section of the Cashier.

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What are Slingo slots?

What is Slingo? Slingo slots are part slot machine, part bingo which use randomly generated numbers to mark off your bingo card. The game uses a 5-reel, 1-row slot reel at the bottom of the screen to generate numbers, and a bingo card above it linked to a paytable of prizes on the left.

What are the coins for in Slingo adventure?

Coins in Slingo® Adventure allow you to buy power ups and extra spins before a level starts, or can be spent to avoid mini games. Coins are won during play, awarded for achieving new Ringos, and purchased through the Slingo® Adventure store.

How do you get the Rainbow Riches?

Rainbow Riches Cheats to Win at the Slot Game

  1. Are There Any Real Rainbow Riches Cheats?
  2. Choose a Slot Based on Bonus Features.
  3. Rainbow Riches Cheat 1: Select Only One Bonus Feature.
  4. Rainbow Riches Cheat 2: Use the Super Spins.
  5. Rainbow Riches Cheat 3: Choose Golden Charms.
  6. Rainbow Riches Cheat 4: The Leprechaun Bonus.

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