Quick Answer: How To Play Slow Dancing In A Burning Room On Guitar?

What tuning is slow dancing in a burning room in?

The tuning is standard tuning. There is some great understated guitar playing on this one. To get the main riff that is heard at the beginning of the song just right, you will need to use some pretty delicate muting and vibrato.

What guitar is used in slow dancing in a burning room?

John’s main guitar was a ’64 Strat. The main guitar part utilized a single Fender Deluxe close-miked with a 57 and a C 451 and a C 24 room mic. The main electric overdub was two Two-Rock amps, each miked the same way.

What is C m chord?

Since C#m is a minor chord, you’d use the minor chord formula to build your chord, combining the root note, minor 3rd, and perfect 5th. From there, add your minor 3rd (E), and your perfect 5th (G#). To play the C#m chord, you’ll play C#, E, and G# together.

Does John Mayer use a compressor?

When it comes to boost pedals, Mayer really only uses two. The first is a Keeley Katana Clean Boost, which is a $169 pedal that provides a really transparent volume boost and is very simple to operate. The second boost pedal that he uses is a Strymon OB. 1, which is actually a clean boost and compressor pedal.

How do I get John Mayer’s tone?

The key to getting a John Mayer guitar tone is to use a clean tube amp with a lot of headroom. Then you can use drive and boost pedals to saturate your tone when needed (covered later). John uses single-channel amps, so you don’t need to look for anything with lead or drive channels.

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