Readers ask: How To Play Axel F On The Piano?

What instrument is Axel F played on?

Faltermeyer recorded the song using five instruments: a Roland Jupiter-8 provided the distinctive “supersaw” lead, a Moog modular synthesizer 15 provided the bass, a Roland JX-3P provided chord stab brasses, a Yamaha DX7 was used for the marimba sound, and a LinnDrum was used for drum programming.

What key is Axel F?

A-flat major

What is Axel F sampled from?

Crazy Frog’s ‘Axel F’ sample of T La Rock’s ‘Breakdown’ | WhoSampled.

What synth is used on Axel F?

Roland synth sounds abound on the iconic recording of “Axel F.” A Jupiter-8 created the famously cutting tone of the lead line, but the underdog JX-3P was in there as well, supplying chordal support. The unequivocally catchy song was a massive worldwide hit reaching number one in 1985.

Is the Crazy Frog dead?

Crazy Frog fans have been left heartbroken after discovering that the icon is officially ‘presumed dead ‘ after being inactive on social media for years. ‘After his final tweet on 22nd June 2009, Crazy Frog has not been active, implying he died in Paris in the summer of 2009.

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