Readers ask: How To Play Charge Blade?

Is the charge blade hard to learn?

It’s probably more more of a hard to master weapon than it is a hard to use weapon, but still, I don’t see how it’s less complicated than other weapons. Even when I was brans new to the game I found the Swaxe very simple. In sword mode, it swings fast and feels good, in axe mode it swings slow and feels bad.

Is charge blade good for beginners?

For these cases, you might be better off with the Charge Blade, a very decent weapon that has a lot of flair, power, and great defensive options to boot. For beginners who opt into this powerful weapon, there are many possible builds to choose from.

What is charge blade good for?

If you really want to do Dragon damage, this Charge Blade can help. It’s one of just a few non-event Charge Blades that deals elemental damage, has Power Element Phials, and can equip custom augments. Its raw damage is nothing to write home about.

Is the charge blade a good monster hunter world?

Unlike most other weapons, you also have the added nuance of managing phials of energy, and releasing it at the right time. The sword and shield is great for defence and offers good mobility, while the axe can dish out incredible damage with a long reach. This makes the Charge Blade an exceptionally versatile weapon.

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Which charge blade is the best?

If built around correctly, the True Fatalis Charger becomes the best Impact Charge Blade in the game. Hunters who prefer playing around the Charge Blade’s Phial Discharge attacks are recommended to add this top-tier Charge Blade to their arsenal.

How do you charge a phials charge blade?

While your shield is charged from the process outlined above, press R2 but instead of pressing only circle as you would to charge the phials, hold down triangle and circle together. You’ll see a three tiered animation of the shield enclosing around the sword, followed by an overhead slash when you let go.

How does the charge blade work rise?

While Charging, elemental energy gathers on the sword to strengthen it and generate a powerful bash effect. The damage dealt by the sword temporarily increases, and incurs additional damage. Reinforcing the sword with this skill, however, requires the shield to also be elementally boosted.

How do I get better at charge blade?

Charge Blade – Gameplay Tips & Tricks

  1. Store Energy In Phials Using Sword & Shield Mode. Your hunter will start storing energy into the phials when attacking monsters using the sword and shield mode.
  2. Strengthen Your Shield With Energy In Phials.
  3. Unleash Energy From Phials Using Special Axe Attacks.

Does charge blade have a draw attack?

With the charge blade you often put away and draw to axe so the combination is perfect. I recommend you use it but not think too much about it. Unlike the GS it’s okay not to always use the draw attack but having punish draw has great benefit in the long run. Try it out!

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