Readers ask: How To Play Edelweiss?

What is the significance of Edelweiss?

The unique furry petals and leaves of the Edelweiss hint at its romantic meaning, but it’s the white color that gives it the symbolism of purity and innocence. It is widely used as a symbol of rugged individualism and exploring the wilderness due to its growth in the high altitudes of the Alps.

Can edelweiss be a name?

The name Edelweiss is a girl’s name meaning “noble white”. Edelweiss, made famous by the Rogers and Hammerstein song in “The Sound of Music”, is a rare female name. Edelweiss is the colloquial name for the Leontopodium alpinum, a small white mountain flower sometimes used in herbal folk medicine.

Is edelweiss a German flower?

The edelweiss, otherwise known as Leontopodium alpinum, is a flower native to the Alps and is a national icon in Switzerland. The name, in German, is a combining of the words for ‘noble’ and ‘white.

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