Readers ask: How To Play Row Your Boat On The Piano?

What are the notes to Row Row Row Your Boat?

Easy Piano step-by-step: Row Row Row Your Boat

  • Row, row, row your boat, LH notes: G – G – G – A – B.
  • Gen -tly down the stream, LH notes: B – A – B – C – RH notes: D.
  • Mer-ri-ly, mer-ri-ly, mer-ri-ly, mer-ri-ly, RH notes: G – G – G D – D – D LH notes: B – B D – D – D.
  • Life is but a dream. RH fingers: D – C LH: B – A – G.

What is the time signature of Row Your Boat?

Row, Row, Row Your Boat is particularly well-suited to teaching 6/8 time signature because it has examples of one, two, and three sounds on a beat.

What are the melodic patterns in the song Row Row Row Your Boat?

3. Students echo sing melodic patterns by phrase the song Row, Row, Row, Your Boat • Do- do- do- re- mi- • Mi- re- mi- (fa)- so- • Do’- do’-do- so-so-so- mi-mi-mi- do-do-do- • So- (fa)- mi- re- do- 4.

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