Readers ask: How To Play Superstition On Keyboard?

What instrument is used in superstition?

The funky clavinet riff played on a Hohner Clavinet model C, over an Auto-wah effect box, the Moog synthesizer bass, and the vocals were also performed by Wonder. In addition, the song features trumpet and tenor saxophone, played respectively by Steve Madaio and Trevor Lawrence.

What key is Stevie Wonder’s Superstition?

How does a clavinet work?

The feel of a clavinet comes from the impact of the pad striking its anvil point against the string. The end of each string farthest from the pick-ups passes through a weave of yarn. When the key is released, the yarn damps the vibration of the string.

What album is superstition on?

Psychologists who have investigated what role superstitions play, have found that they derive from the assumption that a connection exists between co-occurring, non-related events. For instance, the notion that charms promote good luck, or protect you from bad luck.

How many Clavinets are in superstition?

A crafty sound engineer by the name of Funkscribe has dissected the unmistakable Clavinet part from Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” and discovered that it’s actually eight Clavinet parts. This is what the internet was invented for.

What time signature is superstition in?

The time signature is the typical 4/4 (four quarter notes per measure). However, there are some parts with a 2/2 time signature. Tempo- The tempo of the song is a bit fast, coming in around 100 BPM.

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What is the key superstition?

Superstition (Single Version) by Stevie Wonder is in the key of B Flat. It should be played at a tempo of 101 BPM.

How did Stevie Wonder write superstition?

Stevie Wonder did not write “Superstition” because he had something to say. The way he tells it, the song was based on a feeling he had while he was messing around in the studio. “Superstition was something that came from out of my mind right on to the drums that I was playing,” he said in an interview.

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