Readers ask: Spanish Lottery How To Play?

How do you play El Gordo?

Go to the shop zone in and select Spanish 6/49 (select the ticket of the day you want to play, Thursday or Saturday). In the ticket choose 6 numbers (from 1 to 49). Or let our system do it for you.

How do you buy a lottery ticket in Spain?

Tickets can be bought at any of the licensed outlets. You can either choose 6 out of the 49 numbers or allowing the computer to select them for you. The draw is made on Thursdays and Sundays. The grand winner is the ticket which has all six numbers matching the winning numbers.

Can I do the Spanish lottery online?

In the case of playing the Spanish Lottery online, there is only one choice here, which is TheLotter. You will have access to over 50 different lotto draws from around the world.

How much do you win Spanish lottery?

The maximum winnings paid by lottery offices is 600 euro. ONCE winnings paid by the sellers varies, but generally winnings of 200 euro or less are payable by the seller. Larger amounts: – take your winning ticket to your bank, they will copy it and sign it’s receipt, and keep the original.

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Can anyone play El Gordo?

Anyone can play El Gordo from outside Spain simply by using the online ticket concierge service.

How does El Gordo lottery work?

The Spanish Christmas Lottery works more like a raffle than a lottery. There are no lottery balls; instead, there are two huge drums that contain all the purchased tickets – just like a raffle. When the draw takes place, players win a prize if the numbers on their ticket match those on a ticket drawn from the drum.

How many numbers are in the Spanish lottery?

As all Lotería Nacional draws, the special Christmas draw is based on tickets (billetes) which have 5-digit numbers, from 00000 to 99999 since 2011. Since this system only produces 100,000 unique ticket numbers, each ticket number is printed multiple times, in several so-called series (series).

Can foreigners buy Spanish lottery?

Can Foreigners Play Spanish Lotteries Online? In the past, only Spanish citizens could participate.

Can I buy El Gordo tickets online?

Playing Online You can grab tickets in minutes when you play El Gordo online, giving yourself a 1 in 100,000 chance of winning the El Gordo 1st prize.

Can I enter the Spanish lottery?

Yes, you can. It is the same as if you came to Spain as a tourist and buy your tickets in any lottery shop. In fact, we have customers in more than 140 countries playing with us.

How can I buy El Gordo?

You can purchase a ticket for El Gordo from any one of the many lottery outlets and retailers around the country. You can also purchase online, but this can sometimes be more expensive. You can still play the El Gordo lottery if you are not a Spanish resident, but will need to purchase a ticket online.

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Is the Spanish lottery suspended?

These measures have made a big difference to everyday life, but lottery draws have not been suspended anywhere yet apart from Spain.

How much is a Spanish Christmas lottery ticket?

The price of a full El Gordo Christmas lottery number is two hundred euros. That is, the price for a whole ticket, which is then broken up into €20 décimos or tenths of a ticket. Spaniards will oftentimes purchase décimos of different numbers to have more chances at winning a prize at the draw.

How much is El Gordo ticket?

Since a full “El Gordo ticket,” which costs €200, is too expensive for many players, people often buy one-tenth of a ticket, entitling them to a 10% share. For those lucky winners, their €400,000 prize netted them about €325,000 after taxes.

Does El Gordo mean?

Gordo means fat, overweight or plump so the lottery would be translated as the Fat One.

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